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The feedback from our readers has been very encouraging with excellent remarks for the quality of contents and presentation. This is only achieved through the support and guidance of all the contributors and our editorial team. The next issue is being planned for release in Nov 2020.

We would welcome articles of high standards since our readers are physicians delivery excellent patient care at all levels and in diverse specialities in the United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, Dubai and expanding to other countries.

Key Sections

Psychiatry -Special section
Surgery – Special section
Other: – COVID new research
– Regulatory, training and disciplinary
– News of high achievements and Awards
– New initiatives, tax book reviews, (promotional issues)


Innovation and research that helps improve skills development and outcome for the patients


Maximum 1000 words, in MS Word Format and proofread contents (pre-arranged if longer)


Two relevant pictures and picture of the author (High definition in PNG format and copyright cleared).


Maximum 6


Title, Name & Surname, Qualifications and speciality, and Awards (Knighthood, CBE,OBE, MBE) Brief introduction of achievements for reference


Email, Mobile and address – not for publication


15th November 2020

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Swasthya: Volume 1 Issue: 4 Jan/Feb/March 2021 Registering Interest: 30th January
Submission by: 10 March 2021

Swasthya: Volume 2 Issue: 1 April, May, June 2021 Registering Interest: 30th April
Submission by: 10 June 2021

Swasthya: Volume 2 Issue: 2 July, Aug, Sept 2021 Registering Interest: 30th July
Submission by: 10 Sept 2021

Swasthya: Volume 2 Issue: 3 Octo, Nove, Dec 2021 Registering Interest by: 30thOctober
Submission by: 10 Dec 2021

Swasthya: Volume 2 Issue: 4 Jan/Feb/Marc 2021 Registering Interest: 30th January
Submission by: 10 Mar 2021


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